Road Transport 

Transportation and spedition services in Bulgaria and Europe
Transport аnd logistics are easy with us!

Road Transport

If you have any goods, which need to be transported

anywhere in Bulgaria or around Europe, K- Speed Ltd

is the right choice for you!

We have a new and modern fleet (You can take a look here).

Our transport is specialized in fresh

and frozen goods and a cargo.

Some of the most popular destinations are

from Bulgaria to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

and back to Bulgaria.

The team of K- Speed Ltd always take care of the quality of our services!
That’s why You don’t need to doubt connecting with us, we’ll be there for You!


If we still don’t have a chance

to make the delivery ourselves,

our team is ready to consult and

help you at any time.

We will find the best option for

the delivery of Your goods!

It’s important for us to let You

know that we are in service at

every moment and date.

Refrigerated Transport to Hungary

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