Auto service

Transportation can seem like an elementary process on a surface level. You pick up a certain product from point A and have to transport it to point B. This is as true as it is incomplete.

Any activity linked to transport involves the maintenance of the vehicles involved. We at Ka-Speed are fully aware of this fact. Seeing the whole picture of the services we offer, in 2023 we made a strategic decision – to open our own auto service!

When a company’s or a person’s business consists of constantly moving around, ensuring the quality of the used vehicle is key to its efficiency. This is why we trust our own professionals to maintain our vehicles.

Ka-Speed Auto Service does not stop there! We also provide service for external compositions and cars. Because quality and safety in the transportation should not be a privilege, but a common service!

Ka-Speed Auto Service offers a wide range of services including:

– Periodic inspection of heavy trucks and semi-trailers;

– Diagnostics;

– Repair of heavy trucks and semi-trailers;

– Repair of air conditioners, heaters;

AdBlu system repair;

DPF filter cleaning and maintenance and other services;

You drive the vehicle to us, we make it drive you forward!