About us

Refrigerated, non-refrigerated, cargo transport and forwarding in Bulgaria and Europe.

We make transport easy!

Who are we?

Ka-Speed Ltd is a transportation company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We provide transport services from Bulgaria to Europe with main routes to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and vice versa.

We are specialized in the refrigerated transport of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products, bread and bakery products, chocolate, biscuits and a range of other temperature-controlled goods.

At Ka-Speed we have a well-developed partner’s network. This allows us to offer high quality freight forwarding solutions to our customers for optimal results.

Our services:

The dynamic world in which we live requires flexibility and adaptability from anyone who wants to be on the top of the ranking. There is a continuous process of taking the most appropriate decisions in consideration of every specific circumstance which is a key for the development our business.

At Ka-Speed we make sure that we always maintain an up-to-date and reliable toolbox of transportation solutions. Whether it’s the transportation and delivery of the raw materials you use to create your product or the finished goods you already made, we’ll help your business find the most efficient option. Our own fleet allows us to offer temperature-controlled or non-temperature-controlled transportation of complete, partial and groupage loads.

However, do you have a very specific load that requires different transport conditions? We can find a way out of this situation. We can offer you our freight forwarding services by finding the most suitable conditions for your required shipment among our trusted partners from our long-established partner’s network.

Why choose Ka-Speed?

At Ka-Speed we highly value our partners and customers and know that treating them with integrity is the key to success. That is why our work is guided by our personal responsibility to provide the best and fastest transport solutions.

At the same time, we are aware of how huge and complex the world of transportation can be. It is important for us to keep you informed about the location and condition of your cargo, so you can be confident that your business is in good hands.

That’s why we strive to have clear communication and a constant connection with each side along the delivery route. We provide you with the ability to track the temperature regulation and vehicle’s location, and you can also establish a direct connection with our drivers. Our office team is always available to answer your questions and to cooperate with you in order to make the transportation easy together!

In addition, for the convenience of our customers, we have integrated specialized transportation and forwarding software into the workflow. It allows us to send an update for each vehicle at any time of the day:

  • Where it is currently;
  • How many kilometers it has left to reach its destination;
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Choose the reliable transport, trust Ka-Speed!