International transport

Globalization is in full force in our time. Crossing borders is becoming easier and easier. This is creating a particular dynamic in business circles around the world. Which companies and which personalities will emerge as leaders in their market depends on their forward-thinking, intuition and entrepreneurship.

This is about seizing the opportunity of international trade. Selling to foreign markets or obtaining materials from other countries can change the game. But as with any venture, it is not as simple as it seems. To generate this competitive advantage, there is one essential element in the whole scheme – the transportation!

Your freight carrier can become your most trusted partner. International transport is a complex and complicated task and hides many pitfalls. We are familiar with the best practices in our industry and will make sure that your cargo crosses the borders to the desired destination seamlessly!

The countries we deliver to are Hungary; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Germany; Poland; Greece; Romania; Netherlands; Slovenia; Austria; Spain; Italy; Croatia; Belgium; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Latvia; Lithuania; Portugal; Sweden.

Not seeing the country you need transportation to?

Don’t worry! Contact us so we can find the best solution for your needs together.

Do you have a shipment that requires a specific temperature regime, and needs to travel a long way? Again, Ka-Speed is here with a solution for you. Our well-equipped refrigerated semi-trailers allow us to monitor the temperature throughout the journey, as well as to adjust it remotely.

If you still have questions regarding our international transport, do not hesitate to ask us via phone: +359 89 888 6467 or HERE