Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport is an essential part of the transport world. At its occurrence, it was considered a revolutionary moment since it allowed many improvements and changes. Refrigerated transport has led to:

– еxtending the shelf life of perishable goods during transportation;

– maintaining the freshness of transported foods;

– ensuring food safety;

– reaching new markets further afield, etc.

At Ka-Speed we specialize in refrigerated transport and provide excellent quality in the transportation of goods that require temperature regulation. Our well-equipped refrigerated semi-trailers ensure the smooth and fresh delivery of your products!

Here you can check the list of the most regular type of goods under temperature-control which we transport:

– meat and fish;

– bread and bakery products;

– dairy foods;

– fruits and vegetables;

– chocolate and confectionery;

– eggs;

– other;

How does our refrigerated transport work and what advantages does it have?

The goods we transport are kept cool by a refrigeration frigo that can run independently on fuel as well as on electricity from the network. Our semi-trailers allow temperature regulation in the range from -30 °C to +30 °C.

In addition, Ka-Speed has the ability to remotely control the temperature when performing our transportation services. Also, for the convenience and comfort of our customers, we offer 24-hours access to information about the temperature in our refrigerated semi-trailers.

Our fleet is updated and maintained by our own automotive service on a continuous basis to ensure that we are always reliable and helpful for every refrigerated load! We deliver your goods as if they were just picked or packed!