Ka-Speed has a progressively expanding fleet. We started in 2020 with 1 vehicle and currently our fleet includes over 20 vehicles! We are focusing on safe development with an always rising trend line.

The trucks in our fleet are Scania of the models R410; R420; R450; R500; S450 Euro 6. Our semi-trailers include Lamberet; Chereau; Schmitz.

For the convenience of our customers, we provide a range of options to keep them informed about the status and position of their load. At any given time we offer GPS tracking link generation.

Through it you can see:

– How many working/ driving hours and breaks are left for the driver transporting your goods;

– How many kilometers are left to the given destination;

– The traffic flow for the vehicle transporting your cargo.

Ka-Speed enables its customers to establish direct communication with our drivers. Both messages and files of accompanying documents can be sent upon loading of the goods and after delivery.

When performing refrigerated transport, you can also monitor the temperature in our refrigerated semi-trailers in real-time. With Ka-Speed, transport is not just easy, it is reliable, secure and transparent!