Our team

At Ka-Speed we believe that the team is the engine of any company. Its expertise, motivation and satisfaction determine how the business will position itself in the market. It creates the image and is the backbone of both the relationship with customers and partners. This is why we always make sure that our team is made up of experienced professionals who are able to create solutions and see beyond the horizon of obstacles.

People are our top priority. In our company policies and organization, we implement a work model with a focus on the team and its satisfaction. We maintain our internal environment in a way that brings people together, always providing opportunities for development, but also addressing each employee’s personal preferences, needs and path with responsibility.

Ka-Speed‘s team development started with 2 people and through continuous efforts and dedication, today it consists of over 30 employees. We rely on sustainable development and personal approach. We build our work environment in a way that is suitable for both professionals with years of experience and young employees, to combine the wisdom of practice with the drive of innovation.

Young people are one of our key priorities. We believe strongly in their abilities, and we are convinced that they shape the future of the country. For these reasons, our doors are always open for them. We strive to intrigue them and to provide them with numerous opportunities for development in the field of transportation. Ka-Speed is creating new pathways for the young generation!

Our mission:

Providing efficient transportation and freight forwarding solutions.

Our Vision:

Offering reliable transportation services that help your business to grow.

Our Goals:

Optimizing workflow and increasing customer satisfaction.